Hauz Enterprise - Huawei Spark Malaysia 2022 - Startup Accelerator Malaysia

Hauz Enterprise

Manage your team and monitor real-time activities seamlessly with the data-driven algorithm. So that you can focus on business growth.


Automate timesheet to simplify wage calculations. You can now clock into work from anywhere around the globe. Get instant updates on your schedule and never be late to submit that report. It’s really that simple with HAUZ!


Complete visibility with real-time data. Receive a real-time update on your employee attendance and their latest activity through the HAUZ Portal!


Employee Self-Service Leave Application. Having more than one location can be difficult to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all your mobile workers leave times and dates. This can cause a location to be either understaffed or overstaffed at times. Our ESS Leave Application module can be used to track all mobile workers leave dates which lower the risk that a location will have too few workers on any given day