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If you are looking for a trainer for your team / company and you are tired to ask around or get quotes from various training providers, ezyspark will help you to reach independent trainers based on your training request. Your training needs will be matched with the trainers on the platform who are most suitable, available and interested in your training needs.

Here some other reasons to use ezyspark are:

1. Wider Choice – You have access to a wider pool of trainers, each qualified in their respective fields, providing you options

2. Save Time – We will recommend trainers that match your needs so that all you have to do is pick the one that suits you best.

3. More Transparency – Don't just listen to us – you can access the reviews and testimonials of our trainers and programmes to help you make the final decision.

Easily find quality trainers

On ezyspark you’ll find a range of quality trainers, from leadership to innovation expert, strategy, customer service, communication, problem solving, and more soft skills trainings.

1. Post a training request.

Tell us about your training needs, your specific challenges and expected outcomes. 

2. ezyspark matches your needs.

 Our team will match trainers based on their skills, background, training programmes helping you find trainers that’s a good match.

3. We will invite the shortlisted candidates.

 The trainers will receive an invite to bid for your training request with all the information you have posted in order for them to customize a training programme based on your needs.