Mah Choon Leng - Huawei Spark Malaysia 2022 - Startup Accelerator Malaysia

Mah Choon Leng

About Mah Choon Leng

Mah is the Founder of Wellings Pharmacy and Managing Director of Wellings Pill House (consisting of Wellings Pharmacy and Georgetown Pharmacy. The business has grown from a single outlet in Penang island to 40 outlets in the northern region of Malaysia. In 2020, the Group completed the M&A with Caring Pharmacy for a cash consideration of RM48mil from 60% stakes of the Group.

Mah started his career as a Pharmacist, then ventured into the retail business, continuing to revolutionize the retail chain on operations process planning, customer service excellence, and data-driven strategies. Wellings is the first Malaysia pharmacy brand that expanded to overseas markets. Mah has partnered with Caring and Erajaya PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk. to bring the pharmacy business to Indonesia, with an expansion plan of 20 outlets by December 2022.

Apart from retailing, Mah is passionate about keeping up with machine learning, blockchain, and big data trends. He mentors young start-up entrepreneurs as his passion for involving in diverse industries and networking.