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Kyan Liew - Entrepreneur

About Kyan Liew - Entrepreneur

Kyan Liew before founding his own company worked in one of the big 4 accounting firms. He worked as an associate and later a consultant for 2 years. Through working in this firm, he realised that parking in Malaysia is not easy has is one of the major pain points for everyone who owns a car.

This has later led him to start ParkIt, a mobility-as-a-service startup in 2017. ParkIt was started with a vision to make mobility simple by being a one-stop centre for all mobility needs. ParkIt currently has a current presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Just merely 2 years after ParkIt was established, they were able to achieve a valuation of 7.5 million, currently, the amount has tripled. At the time of writing, ParkIt has already grown 22X since its inception, and is growing strong.

ParkIt aims to be ASEAN's most innovative mobility company with smart city and smart mobility capabilities and a presence in all ASEAN countries within the next 5 years.