Colin - Huawei Spark Malaysia 2022 - Startup Accelerator Malaysia


About Colin

Colin graduated from Melbourne University but has since lived abroad in 8 countries, the last 35 years in Asia. He began his career in IT with NCR Corporation in a variety of roles including R&D, project management and sales.  He subsequently joined KK SystemsGo in Tokyo as co-owner and COO and expanded the company by establishing and managing subsidiaries in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei.

Colin is now retired in Malaysia but remains active as the major shareholder and director of the systemsGo businesses.  He has accumulated a wealth of experience in growing and managing small, lean businesses, including sales & marketing, accounting and financial management, HR, legal and general small business operations. As such he can be a valuable mentor to Malaysian startup founders, providing practical guidance and assistance on all facets of building and protecting a new business, especially for those with aspirations to expand into ASEAN and beyond.