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How Are Our Mentors Different?

True Mentors That Are Also Angel Investors

Our mentors are there to invest in Startups that they believe in as well. We have over 40 mentor-investors that are ready to guide you to the next level. 

Mentors That Can Give You The Right Connections

Our mentors are people who have built their businesses, IPO'd, did their M&As and have met hundreds of business people in their lifetime. Let them share the years of connections built up with you.

Mentors That Can Share With You Their Industry Experience

Our mentors also consist of business owners, ex-entrepreneurs and industry experts. Let them share their years of collective industry secrets and insights with you. Unlock key information about your industry to aid in your Startup validation.

Ex-Entrepreneurs Who Understand Your Journey Ahead

Our mentors are business owners and entrepreneurs that have gone through the pains of growing a business. Learn from people who truly understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, and have succeeded in becoming successful entrepreneurs. 

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