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Startup Corporate Matching Programme

The NEXEA Startup-Corporate Matching Programme aims to match Startups with the best Corporates in Malaysia. Startups can apply at no cost, to work with Corporates for potential acquisitions, investments, partnerships or even pilot projects.

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Potential Corporate Investment & Acquisition Opportunities

In some cases, our corporates partners might end up investing in these startups to form long-term partnerships.

Investment Case Study: 
Lapasar raised RM3.5 million investment through The startup corporate matching programme in 2021.

Testimonies From Past Startups 

Kyan, Founder

We managed to meet with corporates through NEXEA which otherwise would have been tougher. Leveraging NEXEA as a trusted intermediary made the conversation easier with corporates. Through NEXEA we were able to gain access to more corporations to potentially create partnerships with. 

I would recommend the programme to any startup looking to fast track or get connected to the corporate world quicker. Reaching the right person in a corporation that can help champion a startup or help direct/introduce the startup to the right person internally will save startups valuable time, and build connections much easier for the eventual partnership collaboration pitching.

Additional Benefits Of Joining Startup-Corporate Matching Programme

Get Corporates As Clients

Corporates have been becoming customers to startups introduced by this programme, creating millions in revenues.

Build A Relationship With Potential Future Acquires 

There is a potential for our corporates to acquire the startup if they see the startup's potential. 

Learn How To Work With Corporates

Join our workshop to gain a better understanding of how to work with corporates better

Get Potential Investments

Corporates have been investing millions in startups after meeting them via this programme. 

Get Potential Partnerships

Corporates have been partnering with startups via this programme to come up with new products and sources for both parties.
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What Our Main Corporate Partners Are Looking For 

Acquisition and Piloting

Key industry Allianz is looking for is insurance 
(for internal uses and distribution services). 

They are open to startup which do:-

AI services
Insurance related technology
Property technology
Customer relationship management 
Human resource management and payroll system 
Data collection (demographic, geolocation, vehicle and vehicle services)

Collaborate, Partnering and Piloting

Key industries Spritzer is looking for include FMCG and logistics. 

They are open to startup which do:-

Sustainable packaging services
Product innovation services

& 80+ Corporates In These Industries

Digital Technology
Banking & Finance
Electrical & Electronic
Hospitality & Tourism

Workshop Experts

Peter Wee

Corporate Innovation Expert 
Invested In 20+ Startups 
Ex- PwC & Ex-Ricoh Managing Director

Subash Palaniappan

Head of Idea Design For Maybank Innovation
Faciliated 40+ Startup Partnership
Agile, Design Thinking & Lean Startup Expert

Shen Chang

Brand Engagement Expert - Ogilvy & Mather, Ted Bates, Batey Ads and Asatsu
Worked With 100 of Corporate Clients 


Applications Open 
(Month 1-2)
Corporates To Interview Startups 
(Month 2-3)
Corporate Innovation Workshops
(Month 3-4)
Startup Corporate Matching
(Month 5-7)
Work On Partnership, Acquisitions, Investments, or Pilot Projects 
(Month 7 onwards)

Startup-Corporate Matching Programme Statistics

Potentially Matched With 80 Corporates
30 Startups Matched To 10 Corporates In 2021
Popular Startups Were Introduced To 5-10 Corporates Each In 2021
Each Corporate Had 5 Serious Startup Matches On Average

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Applications Are OPEN! 
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